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My Real Life Had Fallen into Insurance Business First Make Me Suck, But Stronger Later On | Insurances-Guidance

Hello! everyone.

I think I got sucked into the insurance business as an insurance sales representative for years and I felt that made me sleep in a bad dream almost every night. But now, my thought has been changed.

Because I found that there were many bad things I have experienced with at that time and hurt my feeling.--they have become a great treasure for me today.---see what made change my bad attitude in my full life story below...

Firstly, before going to see what I had was read may I introduce myself? I'm Thai. I hold the business management, which is major in hotel and worked in the same filed I have studied for years. I got lots of experiences in service field while learned and also improved my ability in foreign languages such as English, French too.

Life between lives, I had a great chance knowing someone who was at the highest level of one of the insurance companies. He recruited me to join in his big team, - it's well-known for insurance business at that time.

Yes, then I took it as my part-time job!!!

In the insurance working field, it taught me a variety of how to get the case done from the beginning till closing the insurance policy.

For the example;

How to make a call for makes an appointment.

What to prepare before meeting a customer.

How to persuade a customer to listen to the policy program (Open Mind).

How to present insurance policy precisely.

How to make customers being aware.

How to closing insurance sales.

What to say/do when facing customer objections.

A good insurance sales representative should have at least two learning requirements. First, he should be diligent in his jobs. This includes regularly training class attendance, keeping make a list of prospective customers and all related things and preparing himself before going to meeting customer. Diligence is regarded as one of the keys to success.

In addition to diligence, a good insurance salesman should have good searching habits, which imply his greed for knowledge and skills about all factors and parties connected to his job, insurance policy selling.
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Our targets are to sell a life insurance as the first priority, secondly, health and personal accident(PA) respectively.

Moreover, I have never neglected to bring up the auto/car insurance quotes rate paper sheet/catalog to put them in our insurance's briefcase.

Not only what is the requisite I have attended and learned from the weekly meeting, but also in the reality of selling to the various differences of the type of prospects. Many times, I have gotten hurt, wound and even been some scars in my mind up to now!

For instance case, some of my customers said "NO" to me in that day and told me to come to see them again tomorrow. But, when I came to meet them regarding their new appointment, they had some more new objections and declined for doing it...

Eventually, after my life was in this insurance for several years as an insurance sales representative, I have turned myself to be its customer instead.

Whenever I would like to find some kind of insurance policy that they rather match my need, so that, they will;

Quotes Prices Motor Insurance Online, and let me choose.

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⟴ Calling me when my CAR INSURANCE POLICY is due in the next three months.

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⟴ Etc.

Although, all those tough things in my hard time, make me stronger and stronger. Failing brought about enthusiast in my mind. So that I have today, the day I have some piece of my real life story writing for you, right here!

But the way of my life is not too smooth as SILK. I have changed my job in the logistics field, worked in the warehouse. And there, I learned for something else new. System control and manage inventory, transportation management system, warehousing daily operation management, sales forecast and period prediction...It's a new page of my working life again.

All above of my experience, individual skills, creating ideas and new invent and discover habits, I have written on my personal blogs and share with you all, around the world, across the globe.

Yes, I do love BLOGGING.

Supposing my life was a book, there will be the main story diving for 6 parts.

➱ My very early life;

My Thai name is Worawit Lapanikorn(วรวิทย์ ลาภานิกรณ์), my nickname is Leng(เล้ง), my English name is Michael Leng. I was born in Ayutthaya province, at Donlan village, Phakhai district. Ayutthaya province is the former capital city of Thailand.

At the present, it is announced by UNESCO to be the ancient city heritage historical park. This is in the north of Bangkok, 80 kilometers(49.7097 miles).

In this village, I lived with my parents when I was born till I was 6 years-old. Then I moved to live with my uncle, which his house is in the same village and then I attended the primary school over there.

My early life and education;

After finishing the primary school, I have turned my life into living in the Buddhist temple as a novice. This temple is in Wiset Chai Chan district, Ang Thong province. This was at my age from 13 - 18 years.

During I was in a Buddhist temple for 5 years, I have learned PhraPariyattidhamma(พระปริยัติธรรม), in English means the teaching of Buddha. This learning program is designed for studying in 3 levels.

The first level is called: "Naktham Chan Tree(นักธรรม ชั้นตรี)" / "Dhamma scholar first level"

This class has the 5 subjects. They are as below;

Subject 1.

Elementary Dhamma
นวโกวาท เป็นวิชาที่ว่าด้วยวินัยของสงฆ์ และหลักธรรมขั้นต้น

Subject 2.

Posting in Dhamma

Subject 3.

Buddha's biography

Subject 4.

Discipline for Buddhist monks ( 227 )
วินัยมุข ในระดับชั้นนี้จะว่าด้วยศีล 227 ข้อของภิกษุ

Subject 5.

Dhamma and life of the Buddha
ปฐมสมโพธิ ว่าด้วยหลักธรรมหมวดใหญ่ๆ และเรื่องราวของพระพุทธเจ้า

The second level is called: "Naktham Chan Tho(นักธรรม ชั้นโท)" / "Dhamma scholar second level"

The third level is called: "Naktham Chan Aek(นักธรรม ชั้นเอก)" / "Dhamma scholar third(advanced)

Both of the second and the third levels are subjected to learn only 4 units. They are pretty similar to the first level but excluded the Elementary Dhamma subject.

I have finished those three levels.

Additionally, I have spent my time going to study and held the certificate of the secondary school from the Wat Nang Nai Thammikaram school-Non-Formal Education program.

 My early life and education in Bangkok;

I came to Bangkok for the time with my aunt. At that time, I was a person that didn’t really have a lot of connections, yet, I've got the job, with supporting by my aunt, in the small family factory; producing some typically switches of electricity, in Ratburaba area.

I was away a lot, as you may know, I love studying. I have requested my boss to leave my daily work early for an hour to study wiring the electrical cables for house interior and electric motor.

After two years working there, I resigned and went to ordain as a monk for 15 days and came to Samuth Prakan province to work with my other uncle.

What did I do with my uncle in Samuth Prakan province? We sold mackerels, fresh fishes, and fish sources by driving the pickup truck into many villages nearby. We tricked the horn loudspeaker on the top of the truck's roof.

We usually woke up very early for buying fresh fish at the Paknam fish prior(ท่าแพปลาปากน้ำ:Tha pae pla Paknam). And in someday evening time, we had to went for buying the mackerels steamed in a large basket in Maeklong, Samut Songkham province.

This place is very famous in fleshy and yummy mackerels. Some days we had the best selling, enjoy it, and my uncle didn't stop for having breakfast, so that I had with my deft fingers, snatched the steamed fish and ate at the tail of his the pickup truck.

That was one piece of my terrible life!

To be continued soon.

Here we go to some of my blogs that I am writing them with my real life experiences, searching for any source, which is available on the internet, from the interview, and by chance.

I'm glad to share with you, it would be much impression on me unless I would hear any feedback from you.

Lists of my blog in English 🔻

Blog Name
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Thanks for reading.

Posted by: Michael Leng

I've known, then I've grown.


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